technical Architect job

Salary: INR 50 to 60 Lakhs + P.A

Location: Mumbai

Experience: 10 to 20 years

Hiring Company: A Leading Edtech Company

key Skills Required:

Designing Architecture, Data Structure, Algorithm,System Design, Architecture, Distributed Systems, Sql,No-SQL Databases, AWS, Microservices, SOA,

Software Architect


  • Responsible for driving Technology & Good Practices in Engineering. We are a rapidly growing & constantly improving organization.
  • Ownership of each product/application in the org and their impact on the entire eco-system.
  • Align technology readmap with organization & business goals
  • Participating in code reviews, design reviews, architecture discussions
  • Being responsible for Scaling, Performance & Quality for the team
  • Setting up best practices to help the team achieve the above and constantly
  • Driving the adoption of the best practices around coding, design, quality, performance
  • Experiment with new & relevant technologies and tools, and drive adoption
  • Implementation of long term technology vision for the organization
  • Responsible for the architecture of all the products; ensuring it is aligned to the requirements.
  • Drive technology & tool choices for your team & be responsible for them


  • Quick & Excellent Problem-Solving skills for complex & large scale problems
  • Strong in Data structures & Algorithms
  • Technical Breadth – Exposure to a wide variety of problem spaces, technologies
  • Strong System design and OO skills with a nifty ability to craft clean interfaces and operate at the right levels of abstraction
  • Solid coding skills with ability to drive teams through massive refactoring exercise & improve coding standards across code bases
  • Good understanding & experience of high performance web scale & real-time response systems
  • Experience & exposure to a variety of large scale persistent systems including large databases
  • Exposure to complete product development cycles – From inception to production to scaling up, supporting new requirements, re-architectures - the Architects should have seen it all
  • Should have been part of scalable product development cycles with either large data handling or large transaction processing exposure for 2+ years
  • 10+ Years of experience
  • BE, BTech equivalent

Top 3 Mandatory Skills:

1. Designing Architecture

2. Good with Data Structure and Algorithm

3. Problem Solving Skill

Candidate should be from a T-1/T-2 College or University


E-commerce and Start-ups


For Tech Architect

Strong in System Design and Architecture,

Experience in Distributed Systems, Sql and No-SQL Databases, AWS, Microservices, SOA

There will be 4 round of interview and all the rounds will be Technical.

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