Deep Learning Engineer-Noida University-3 to 5 years exp-salary 5 to 8 Lacs

About Hiring Company :

An Ed-tech Company. Its a leading Education institution.(University)

It is engaged in creating Education Programs



Job Description

Deep Learning - Engineer/ Research Scholar

Deep Learning Engineer/ Research Scholar specialize in using deep learning platforms for specific types of programming tasks related to artificial intelligence. The goal is to develop programming systems that mimic brain functions. To do this, one needs to use neural networks, which are data structures similar to the structure of the human brain. Although deep learning is considered a subset of machine learning, it's far more sophisticated. The objective is for the machines that operate with deep learning systems to be able to learn without human direction.

Deep learning research engineers be involved in developing system and program design plans and determining how to integrate machines and programs. They are responsible for developing systems that can transfer data effectively and writing complex computer programming code to direct parts of the neural network to operate properly. They may specifically work on things like predictive to Prescriptive analytics, cognitive science, facial recognition software, computer vision and robots.

Required Education

  • A master's degree in a relevant field (computer science / statistics)
  • Clear understanding on fundamentals of AL & ML algorithms and Neural Networks.
  • Wide range of computer programming exposure including Python, Matlab, Linux and C.

Required Skills

  • Able to work in AI and ML frameworks and tools (R / TensorFlow / Matlab / etc)
  • Need strong analytical skills to review systems and code to identify issues or areas for improvement.
  • Need to have the ability to work as part of a team
  • Should have strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of any existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) will be considered as weight factor.

Expected outcome

You are expected to develop your own ideas on education management systems and contribute to the existing research products under development. This will be a great opportunity to improve your research & development skills.